But I’m an Entrepreneur, How Can I Take a Vacation

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vacationI believed as an entrepreneur that no one could run my business as well as I could. I convinced myself that my clients deserved only me and so for the first few years I was in business I sacrificed taking time away because I was afraid if I couldn’t support my clients they would leave me. The biggest myth I was telling myself was I was the only entrepreneur doing this. It wasn’t until I was at a business meeting and we were talking about vacation that I learned I wasn’t alone. Many other entrepreneurs were in the “same boat.”

So how was I able to change my attitude? The answer is quite simple, I hired a Virtual Assistant and decided it was time to realize although I was in business for myself I couldn’t keep being by myself. Even more importantly, amazingly my clients didn’t expect me to do this either! There have been three things I have learned along the way that has made it so much easier with the aid of my Virtual Assistant to take time away.

Lesson #1 – Pre-planning is key
For most of us when we take a vacation there is planning that goes along with it. We need to know the dates, where we are going, how we will get there, where to stay along the way … the list goes on. Part of your pre-planning should also be business related. What work can be completed ahead of time, who will cover me when I am gone, what deadlines will fall during my vacation … this list too goes on.

Yes, there are some things that can be done in advance of your vacation, but there are some things that just can’t be anticipated. What if a new prospect reaches out to you while you are on vacation, someone who is just chomping at the bit to get started right now. Probably most of you who don’t already have a Virtual Assistant are thinking while I would just email them while on vacation. This is the problem right here, when you continue to work during your vacation it isn’t a true vacation! We all need that time to unplug. A Virtual Assistant can allow this to happen for you.

In our example, the potential client could be sent preliminary documents so that the process is started right away. Imagine coming home from vacation to new clients! Wow!! So, stop and think, what are some of those things that mean you can’t truly take a vacation? Start training a Virtual Assistant to take on those tasks now.

Lesson #2 – Give plenty of notice
Your clients get it. They don’t honestly expect you to be available 365 days of the year (even if there are some that make you feel that way sometimes). The key is to give them plenty of notice for their own planning.

I always suggest starting the process the minute you make plans. Let your client know you are planning a vacation even if it is months away. Even more importantly let them know what parameters you will put in place to cover your absence. Will you do work ahead and pre-schedule it? Will you put a backup system in place such as a Virtual Assistant?

Don’t forget to periodically remind them of your upcoming vacation. A good way to do this is in your email signature line, on your invoices and personally when speaking with them. Again reassure them about those parameters that are in place to cover your absence.

Lesson #3 – Make it easy for your clients
Imagine however, if even with Lessons #1 and #2 in place you didn’t have to be away completely from your clients. Imagine if someone could step in and take your place. In most cases this wouldn’t be necessary, but there could be situations in each of our businesses where this is an added benefit for your clients.

For most businesses one of the reasons your client works with you is because you solve a problem for them, you make their life easy. A Virtual Assistant means you aren’t leaving them without support, without someone who knows their relationship with you and what problems you are currently solving for them. Take the time to anticipate your client’s needs and share any possibilities with your Virtual Assistant. Then reassure your client that your Virtual Assistant is aware of the situation and able to handle the situation if need be!

Using these lessons I encourage each of you to take a much needed holiday if you haven’t already. Even better yet, get a Virtual Assistant so you can truly unplug and step out of your business 100% knowing your Virtual Assistant has your back!

For those of you ready to take a vacation without stress thanks to a top-notch Virtual Assistant on your team, I can help you find them today and get them in place before summer is in your rear-view mirror! Contact me today and let’s get your search started!

About the Author:

Yvonne WeldYvonne Weld is the Virtual Assistant matchmaker and she helps entrepreneurs find their ideal Virtual Assistant so they can have more time to focus on making more money in their business.

If you are having difficulties getting started with your Virtual Assistant or have questions simply about Virtual Assistants in general, schedule a free VA Q&A and Yvonne can help you navigate the Virtual Assistant world!  https://www.timetrade.com/book/66TR1

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