Customer Service is Everyone’s Responsibility – Creating a Team Who Supports Your Philosophy

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CustomersFor all entrepreneurs we treat our customers in a certain way whether we realize we are or not. We have values and beliefs that shape how we do business with others. If you stop to think about this you will find that you too have underlying values and beliefs that shape how you treat your customers and expect their relationship with your business to be molded.

For example, in my business my core values are freedom and personal growth and I strive to assist my clients to have opportunities to find more freedom in their business so they can spend time on personal growth. It’s not that I say this in so many words, but it is my primary goal when working with clients. So how do I achieve this? Quite simply, by helping them to find the greatest Virtual Assistant for them personally; someone who understands their goals and philosophies and shares those philosophies.

It is for this very reason that when I am working with a new client to find them a Virtual Assistant, I ask them about their customer service mantras, about their values and most importantly about how they want others to feel after working with them. I then set out to find a Virtual Assistant who shares in this exact model for their own business. When I put this far and above the skillset (not that skills isn’t important, but I believe is secondary to a shared value system) it is then that the magic in relationships happen.

So today, I share with you three of my top tips for making sure your team understands and shares your philosophies, and more importantly follows through on them!

Tip #1 – It Starts with the Hiring Process

As I shared earlier, I start from the very beginning. When I am matching a Virtual Assistant for a client I spend time learning what values are important to each party. I also talk a lot about they types of clients they tend to attract and why. This gives me a very clear understanding of whether the Virtual Assistant will share in the client’s philosophies and be a good “face” for the client’s business.

Tip #2 – Your Virtual Assistant is not a Mind Reader
If you are already working with a Virtual Assistant it isn’t too late. There is probably a reason you were drawn to that Virtual Assistant and all you have to do is share your philosophies with your Virtual Assistant. Better yet, why not ask your Virtual Assistant what they believe it to be. You may be very surprised they already know!

Tip #3 – Keep the Lines of Communication Open
When your Virtual Assistant does something that is not reflective of how you would do business or want your client’s treated be sure to let them know. The important thing is don’t just point out the mistake, but rather tell them what you would have done differently and why. If your Virtual Assistant is not receptive to adopting your philosophies and customer service mantras it may be a good indicator it is time to end the relationship.

Remember when you begin to build a team they may not always be “behind the scenes” and even when they are they will continue to have a hand in the image your business is portraying on your behalf. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your Virtual Assistant (and all your other team members) get it! Instead make sure they do and make sure they follow the way you want to do business!

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