Being a business owner can be demanding. You can feel as if you are being pulled in many different directions.

work life balance

I remember once listening to Suzanne Evans and she said you can’t be a success in business if you don’t know your why …

My why was quite simple – I wanted to be able to say no to my children by choice and not by chance.

See I had created a pretty successful business, but it wasn’t enough. I knew I was destined for so much more … that my business could be so much more.

I was feeling torn and pulled in so many different directions. I had started my business for the freedom:

  • The freedom to make my own hours
  • The freedom to take time off in the middle of the day to attend an event at my children’s school
  • The freedom to make enough money without being limited by an employer telling me what I was going to earn each year
  • The freedom to give my children everything I dreamed for them

But the reality is it wasn’t happening. The simple reason … I was trying to do it all on my own and I had built a business that was based on a dollar for hour model.

Although as a Virtual Assistant I was encouraging my clients to let go and let me help like them I battled with those inner voices …

  • No one could do it as good as I could
  • It was faster to just do it myself than to take the time to show someone exactly what I needed
  • I couldn’t afford to have others in my business when I was barely making enough to pay myself

I was also scared because I had been listening to all those “horror” stories potential clients were sharing with me and I knew I didn’t have the time (or the money) to make the mistake of partnering with the wrong Virtual Assistant.

It wasn’t until I learned to let go, to stop listening to those voices and sign a contract with my first Virtual Assistant that I truly found that freedom.

Now it wasn’t without bumps along the way and I definitely learned a lot of lessons, but more importantly I learned that my passion was helping others get that same feeling of freedom.

Based on all those years of working with a Virtual Assistant, building a Virtual Assistant team and most importantly networking with, mentoring and coaching Virtual Assistants I was able to develop a three step process to ensure you greater success the first time around.

Better yet, today I am willing to share that 3 step process with you so you can get your ideal Virtual Assistant with less stress, less mess and definitely less dollars wasted!

To learn more about my 3 step process and how I can help you learn to delegate and ultimately rejuvenate your business, schedule your 30 minute complimentary consultation.