Yvonne Weld is your VA Matchmaker. Let Yvonne help you find the right Virtual Assistant for you.

Yvonne Weld“I hear “Why do you do what you do?” quite often. I came from a family of workaholic business owners with a dollar-to-hours business cycle.

I always dreamed I was going to create a business where unlike those before me I would have the freedom without the need to become a work-a-holic. Quickly I learned that was easier said than done …

I will never forget the day my son walked into my office and said “Mom, you are always working.” It broke my heart and on that day I decided it was time to change.

Through many challenges and a whole lot of mistakes, I learned a way to get out of that cycle, and I learned to create a business, not just another job. I love to give those same skills to my clients so that they can get off that hamster wheel and jump into owning a business that supports the lifestyle they truly want to live.

I used my experiences in team building and team management to create my Virtual Assistant Matchmaking business where as Owner and CEO I help my clients go from overwhelmed to comfortably in charge. Identifying tasks that can be delegated, teaching team management and delegation strategies, and helping entrepreneurs get out of their own way. Instead of doing it all, I can show you how and when to delegate so that you are leading the way.

Work with Someone Who Knows The Virtual Assistant Industry Well

I not only ran a very successful Virtual Assistant for 8 years, I also transitioned that business into a multi-VA business and definitely learned by doing. If there was a challenge I faced it and I can help you minimize those challenges. Also, I worked on several other Virtual Assistant teams as a Project Manager and quickly learned that I wasn’t alone, others were struggling with those same challenges.

Instead of feeling alone I decided it was time to develop a system to teach, train and mentor Virtual Assistants to develop the skills that entrepreneurs were so desperate for. I worked hard to build my role model status within the Virtual Assistant industry and I am very proud of all my accomplishments:

  • 2007 nominated for the Janet Jordan Award for new Virtual Assistants.
  • 2008 I was invited by the Canadian Virtual Assistant Network to become a Success Partner (usually an honour only for those that have been in business for 5+ years). As a Success Partner I coached and mentored Virtual Assistants to build a successful Virtual Assistant business.
  • 2009 – 2010 I was the VAinsider President for VANetworking where it was my responsibility to create resources and training programs for Virtual Assistants.
  • 2012 – 2016 Member of IVAA (International Virtual Assistants Association) Board of Directors including President for the year 2015/16

I have also been invited to present training sessions several times for Virtual Assistants at the following conferences and online events:

  • IVAA Live Summit
  • IVAA Online Summit
  • VA Virtuosos
  • FoVA – Forum on Virtual Assistants
  • OIVAC – Online Virtual Assistant Association Conference