Are You Ready to Stop the Stress, Build Your Dream Support Team and Get Back to Where it All Started … Growing  a Thriving Business Based on Your Passions?

In business there are three cycles

Birth                Growth                  Death

Remember when you first started your business the excitement you felt? You couldn’t wait to turn your passions into profits.

You worked hard, you got your business off the ground and during the growth phase you could do no wrong … you were on fire and ready to take on the world?

You just knew you were going to be the very next big thing and create a lifestyle you had only dreamed about. Then it all changed …

  • TODAY you are working way too hard and doing way too much in your business … you’ve lost the zest and excitement!
  • TODAY you look at your to do list and all the tasks are ones you hate or don’t really have the expertise to accomplish so instead you do nothing and your business is starting to feel like you are taking one step forward and two steps back
  • TODAY you realize you have become a workaholic by chance not by choice and you are ready to stop working so many long hours
  • You definitely know if you don’t do something soon your business will move to the third phase “death.”

Your coach has told you to go get a Virtual Assistant and immediately your response is “okay great, but where do I start?”

Yvonne Weld is your starting point … so let’s get started!

When you partner with Yvonne she can help you …

  • Figure out exactly which tasks on your to do list should be delegated to provide you with the biggest return on your investment
  • Learn how you can create a business where you can focus on that which fills your soul and energizes you towards creating great things
  • Reduce the time and energy needed to get the ideal Virtual Assistant on your team
  • Learn the simple tools you can use to ensure you don’t live a Virtual Assistant nightmare that some of your colleagues have endured

If you are ready to feel rejuvenated and passionate about your business again …

If you are ready to renew your dreams and create that lifestyle you are dreaming about …

AND If you are ready to admit you can’t do it alone

Schedule a Complimentary 30 minute VA Q&A with me to learn how you can make these possibilities a reality simply through Delegation. On this call we will talk about what is needed to get the right Virtual Assistant on your team so you can move your list from To Do to Done!

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